Game Changing

VDAB is the only wax pen to hold 1 gram inside. Measurably dispense your perfect amount. From micro amounts to big clouds, there's nothing like it.

Safe Storage

The inner chamber keeps what's inside cool and pure. Turn the dispensing top to DIAL A DAB™.


No waste, no leakage, VDAB saves money! Medical grade stainless · USA made · 3-yr warranty


Get it your way!

Women Vape - VDAB 200
  • Risk Free

    60-day return, no questions. (We've never had one returned)

  • Choices

    The extra Chamber Kit is great for storing a change of extracts. 

  • More Choices

    510 thread atomizers: VDAB comes with or without a battery so you can attach it to your favorite mod. 

  • The Best Choice

    Sustainable alternative to disposables. Take it anywhere!

  • VDAB 200

    Available June 2019. Sign up for notifications and receive a discount on your first order!

  • The Works

    Comes with everything you see, two dual quartz atomizers, 750 mAh battery and charger, two tools, a pen holder with lanyard and pen stand.

  • Just the Top Please

    Get the VDAB vaporizer seperately to use with your favorite mod. Comes with three atomizers and two tools.

  • The Chamber Kit

    Silicone box with an extra chamber, load tool and atomizer.  Made to easily switch and store strains. Designed to make refilling easier for limited dexterity. Will come in two colors.

Bottom Line

Dial A Dab™

Easy, controlled dispensing  delivers 200-280 hits. You save money and fill it with the purest form of extracts.


Heat only what you need. What's inside stays cool and safe so potency and flavor doesn't degrade. For any full melt from sappy to brittle.

Eco Friendly

Top quality, lasts possibly forever.  Why add millions of disposables to landfil when VDAB's a far better choice!

Cloud Control

750 mAh battery with three heat settings takes you from micro dosing to satisfying clouds. Cooler setting = more hits.

Great Taste

Patented, glue free dual quartz atomizer quells clogging and leakage. Tasty, fresh vapes from the first hit to the last.


I have had my Vdab 200 pen for about 3 months now and I love it.  It is well built and sturdy.  I have owned multiple vape pens that I used for a short period of time and had problems.  I have been so pleased with this pen and its construction.  It is so nice to not have to reload it and get all sticky all the time.  I can fill my pen and just leave it in my purse until I need it.

I first heard about the VDAB 200 at a forum in Oakland, CA.  The VDAB 200 is by far the most superior vaporizer pen, arguably the best vaporizer period, on the market.  I have experience with all sorts of cartridge pens, vaporizers, and rigs, and the VDAB tops them all.  It's more consistent and reliable than any cartridge, tastier and more efficient than any vaporizer, and the hit is smoother, cleaner, and more portable than rigs.  Thank you for a superior product and experience.  I look forward to forging a strong relationship with the VDAB team because they know what they're doing. 

Hey thank you got it today.  Exactly what I was looking for. Best pen I’ve ever used ever.  Tried it with a jelly at first and seemed like it was just a bit too viscous.  Was able to load almost a full gram into it. I also like that I can also use the twist  top to twist out a snake. Glad I found the website. 

Thanks for the quick shipping!


Hello just wanted to say overall i am really happy with the pen however the coil it had must of been defective ...... Thank you very much for sending the replacment! I showed this pen to a friend who has used vapes in the past and told me this is one of the best pens/designs he has seen! And the customer service is great thanks for the quick response.

I LOVE the VDAB 200! I have used every type of vape pens available and hands down the VDAB 200 is superior in every way to anything else on the market right now! No leakage and very minimal smell! 

I have been experimenting with the various temps and dialed it back to 3.5 which gives me better flavor from the wax. I really love this pen! I have several types of devices and they have all been gathering dust since I have been using the VDAB 200! That's how good it is! Thank you